RAPID 2013

Dick Aubin Distinguished Paper Award

Deadline: April 15, 2013


While a formal technical paper is not a requirement of your participation, it is a great way to gain recognition in the industry. All speakers who submit a formal written technical paper will receive complimentary registration for the full conference (instead of only the day of presentation).

Click here for an author guide and details.

All technical papers received by the April 15 deadline will be considered for the Dick Aubin Distinguished Paper Award. This award seeks to recognize those who present a technical paper that features a successful and innovative application of RP technology in manufacturing. The winning paper will be selected based on 1) Technical merit, 2) Impact on the RP industry 3) Overall relevance and paper quality. To qualify for consideration your paper must be received by April 15 (abstracts with outlines or presentation notes do not qualify).

A review committee comprised of members of the RTAM Community will determine the award winner. Only papers accepted for presentation at SME's RAPID Conference & Exposition, with a completed/signed reprint form, will be considered for the award. PowerPoint presentations are not eligible.

The Dick Aubin Award consists of:

  • A personalized recognition award to principal author of winning paper
  • A $1,000 check to principal author*
  • Paper certificates to coauthors of winning paper
  • Recognition letter to employer of principal author
  • Recognition letter to newspaper/technical publication designated by principal author
  • Press release announcing award recipient
  • Award summary article posted on various RTAM Web pages (with photo of winner)
  • Paper disseminated through SME's tech paper database

*Funds contributed by: