RAPID 2013

Banner Ads & Logo

Promote your presence at RAPID 2013 by adding a banner ad to your website and including the event logo in your marketing materials.

The following RAPID banner ads, logos, copy/text, and hyperlinks are for the use of RAPID exhibitors, SME Chapters, SME Members, Event Supporters, Sponsors, and others wishing to help promote RAPID.

Banner Ads



<a href="http://rapid.sme.org/" target="new"><img border="0" src=http://rapid.sme.org/2013/CUSTOM/images/7818-RAPID_Banner-Ad_468x60.gif></a>


<a href="http://rapid.sme.org/" target="new"><img border="0" src=http://rapid.sme.org//2013/CUSTOM/images/7819-RAPID_Banner-Ad_125x125.gif></a>


Right click on logo to download. Control key + click on Macintosh.

Guidelines and Help

Copy the code for the desired banner and paste it into the html code for your Webpage. For technical assistance in any of these steps, e-mail webmaster@sme.org (or call 800.733.4763 or 313.425.3000). Make sure you include your operating platform, web server type, experience level, and a link to the web page where you want the banner ad to appear.