RAPID 2013

Contemporary Art Gallery at RAPID 2013

RAPID Art GallerySME introduced the Contemporary Art Gallery in 2010 dedicated to creativity and design. More than 50 works of Art have been displayed at the three past RAPID events. Artists familiar with design software and additive manufacturing processes displayed their work to an appreciative audience. Other artists had the opportunity to explore this new medium connecting their hands with automated programs to manipulate their visual presentation. Their drawings were then transformed into actual works of art using additive manufacturing to make the three dimensional works for display.

Why have an art gallery at RAPID? Additive manufacturing/3D printing, 3D imaging and digital sculpture are used creatively in a new approach to art creation and production. This new, high-speed, on-demand medium allows the impossible to be possible from the finite barriers of reproduction for a single artist, to the unlimited reproductions of artists' works. This new artistic medium will provide an economic boon to the artists themselves, as well as to the additive manufacturing industry as a whole.

2012 Contemporary Art e-Gallery

A number of display pedestals will be made available to artists that have works created using additive technologies. A limited number of pedestals will be available to artists to submit work in a CAD/STL file to be printed by professional additive manufacturing service providers. Art renderings must be submitted by March 1, 2013 for consideration. All Art will be juried for selection and display. Artists are to submit images (jpeg preferred) for review by advisors along with their credentials and process used in creation of the artwork. The art will be prominently displayed on the show floor, on an open air 2' square surface or display case (for jewelry). Artwork should be durable and stable for display. Contact with the art will be prohibited though minimal security provided in the immediate area open to attendees. Artist will assume expense for shipping work to and from the hotel.

Artists’ work and bio with contact information will be posted on each display, in the show directory and on the RAPID Contemporary Art e-Gallery web site. To learn of sponsorship opportunities for the Contemporary Art gallery at RAPID 2013, contact Angie Szerlong or Nick Smith at 800.733.3976 or sponsorships@sme.org.