RAPID 2013

Conference Session Descriptions

The RAPID 2013 Conference offers a diversification of presentations addressing applications of Additive Manufacturing and 3D Imaging. You’ll hear and meet leaders and thinkers that are applying this technology in manufacturing for transportation, medical, casting, art and more.

SPECIAL PRESENTATION! Equipping the Additive Manufacturing Workforce

A skilled workforce is important across our industry – and especially in additive manufacturing. Hear innovative approaches that are working today in Pre-K through ‘Grey’. Find out what programs are available, how young people are being attracted to our field, opportunities, and how you can get involved.


3D Imaging and Scanning

This session will cover applications that make use of scanning technologies for reverse engineering, analysis and inspection that contribute to the manufacturing of products using additive and 3D printing processes.


Additive Manufacturing Applications

Presentations detailing case studies and research and development activities that continue to advance the applications of additive manufacturing and 3D printing.


Additive Manufacturing Research

Learn about the efforts to advance the uses of additive manufacturing technologies. A variety of processes and materials will be covered.


Applications for Transportation including Aerospace and Aircraft

The session will combine applications using additive manufacturing for parts and models used in motor vehicles, commercial and military aircraft, and aerospace.



This session will focus on applications used in metal casting, investment casting, lost foam casting including considerations for tooling and material process. The morning session is a workshop presented by the American Foundry Society.


Creative Uses for Art, Architecture and More

New materials are contributing to thinking outside the box for product designers. This session will present applications for additive manufacturing/3D Printing used in art, jewelry making, fashion, entertainment and the emerging maker community.


Direct Write Printed Materials & Electronics

The technology is advancing beyond research and development. Hear about applications of additive manufacturing for printed electronics and other related products.


Final Part Production

Additive Manufacturing is not just for prototyping. This session will detail applications where the additive process is used to save time and expense in final part production.


Innovative Applications

Out of the box thinking leads to new ways of using additive manufacturing. This session is a place to hear from innovators who are testing and doing the unimaginable.


Medical and Dental Applications

Medical applications including dental continue to grow in use and scope. These include, but are not limited to, prototyping, bio-modeling/anatomical modeling and direct production of implantable metal implants or scaffolds for tissue engineering.


Product Design Considerations Using Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing technologies are removing many of the manufacturing restrictions that have compromised a designer’s ability to make the product they imagined. Learn about new product designs and designers who are blowing away old "subtraction" thinking.