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Fabrisonic LLC has unveiled a newly designed, medium-sized machine that incorporates the company’s patented, award-winning UAM technology to merge layers of metal. Customers now can create complex components with unique features that could not be fabricated previously using traditional manufacturing techniques.


JUNE 10, 2013 (COLUMBUS, OHIO) – Fabrisonic LLC has introduced the newest addition to its line of ultrasonic additive manufacturing (UAM) machines, the SonicLayer® 4000. This mid-size, fully automated, 3D printing machine can be customized for specific settings and applications. The Ohio State University College of Engineering has been the first to adopt the SonicLayer 4000 for use in its research on embedded smart materials.

“Ultrasonic additive manufacturing is changing the way that we produce parts,” says Fabrisonic CEO Mark Norfolk. “By combining process capabilities, UAM can create deep slots, hollow, latticed of honeycombed internal structures, and other complex geometries that just cannot be made using conventional subtractive processes. This technology opens up a whole new frontier for manufacturers.”

The SonicLayer 4000 has a 3-axis CNC mill with bed dimensions of 40” x 24” and a 25HP 8000 RPM spindle for machining any metal part. It utilizes Fabrisonic’s patented 9kW UAM welding head to additively manufacture solid metal parts. To enhance productivity, every machine comes with a copy of Fabrisonic’s custom-made G-code CAM software, which allows for true CAD-to-part automation. When CAD geometry is imported into the SonicCAM, the software generates the tool path for both welding and machining. The automatically-generated G-code is then moved to the machine for production.

Specifications of the SonicLayer® 4000:

Footprint – X direction: 12’; Y direction: 12’; Height: 113”

Axis Working Travel – Powered X Axis: ~40”; Powered Y Axis: 24”; Powered Z Axis: 24”

Linear Accuracy – Positioning: ±0.0002”; Repeatability: 0.0001”

Table Size – Length x Width: 44” x 24”

Welding Machine – US Power: 9 kW; Welding force: 2500 lb, Welding speed (max): 200 ipm

About Fabrisonic

Fabrisonic, LLC, was founded in 2011 as a joint venture between EWI and Solidica Inc. of Ann Arbor, MI. Since its founding, the company has introduced cutting-edge UAM equipment for research, development, and full-scale production environments. Fabrisonic is based in Columbus, OH. To learn more about the capabilities of the capabilities of Fabrisonic’s UAM technology and the SonicLayer machines,  contact Mark Norfolk at mnorfolk@fabrisonic.com of 614.688.5223.


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