RAPID 2013

RAPID 2013 Kick-Off

Monday, June 10
2:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Fusing Interaction and Physical World
Dr. Ivan Poupyrev, Director of Interaction Group, Disney Research, Pittsburgh

In this presentation, Dr. Poupyrev will present work produced by him and the research group that he has been directing at Disney Research, Pittsburgh and which addresses the challenge of blending the computation and physical worlds. He will cover projects investigating tactile and haptics interfaces, deformable computing devices, augmented reality interfaces and novel touch sensing techniques, as well as biologically-inspired and 3D-printed interfaces, among others. The presentation will cover both projects conducted while at Sony Corporation and more recent research efforts in the Interaction Group at Walt Disney Research, Pittsburgh.

20 for 20
Presented by SME’s Rapid Technologies and Additive Manufacturing (RTAM) Community

In celebration of RAPID’s 20th year as a conference and exposition, the RTAM Community will present “20 for 20,” a brief review of the great history of additive manufacturing, providing key highlights that molded the manufacturing world into what it is today and how it will shape the future.