RAPID 2013

RAPID 2013 Sponsorship Program

All sponsorships are offered on a first come, first served basis.

LANYARDS (SOLD) $5,000.00
SME will provide lanyards. The lanyard must have the SME /RAPID logo on it along with the sponsoring company’s logo. SME will be responsible for distributing them at RAPID 2013.

NETWORKING RECEPTION: (SOLD) Tuesday, June 11th beginning at 4:30 pm $5,000.00
SME will provide on-site signage during the Reception, at food and beverage stations. SME will provide cocktail napkins with company’s logo.

LUNCH LOUNGE: (1 Available) $3,500.00
SME will provide table topper signs at each lunch table with company’s logo. SME will print the Company’s logo on each lunch voucher. Signage at food stations with company’s logo.

SME will purchase paper portfolio with pen that will have company logo printed on front of it and be distributed to all conference attendees. Sponsor can add commercial on conference proceeding website.

KEYNOTE: (2 Available) $3,000.00
Sponsor will introduce the keynote on Tuesday, June 11th, 2013 or Wednesday, June 12th 2013. Company logo will appear on screen before introduction. Company can provide promotional material in back of room on 6’ draped table. If desirable, company can provide pen and notepad (at their own cost) on each chair in the keynote area.

ART GALLERY: (SOLD) $3,000.00
Sponsor will receive signage in and around the Contemporary Art Gallery which is located on the premium show floor; throughout the entire event, June 10-12 2013. The sponsor will also have a link on the separate Art eGallery.

SME will provide the bags and provide each sponsor’s logo on the bag at the same font size. The bags will be distributed by SME at the Registration desk. Each sponsor will be allowed to insert a promotional give away into the tote bags.

CONFERENCE BREAKS: (1 SOLD, 1 Available) $1,000.00
SME will provide morning coffee along with bagels and pastries at conference break, located on 2nd floor, to conference attendees only. SME will provide signage at food station. Available Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.

Included in All Sponsorships

  • Company Logo on all On-site Sponsorship signage
  • Company Logo printed in Show Directory
  • Company Logo Printed in Conference Brochure (mailed to over 50,000 people)
  • Company Logo on Event Website
  • Company Logo on Digital Event Map
  • Company Logo on On-Site Pocket Guide