RAPID 2013

RAPID 2013 Exposition

Forget what you THINK you know about it, Additive Manufacturing is ready for prime-time!

No longer an ‘emerging technology’, additive manufacturing is leading industry innovation. From design, to prototype to production parts – vision becomes reality at SME’s RAPID Conference and Exposition. This technology has moved beyond ‘plastic’ parts of the past to full scale production in metals, alloys and more. See what’s possible for your operation at RAPID 2013.

Additive manufacturing is poised to transform the face of manufacturing, and the U.S. leads the world in the adoption of this technology. Connect with RAPID and immerse yourself in the realities and possibilities of additive manufacturing.

The Event

It’s all here! Meet experts face to face and learn what’s happening in this exciting field – from equipment to materials and applications – put yourself in the lead position for ‘what’s next’ in manufacturing. At RAPID:

  • Industry analysts share the newest equipment and tools, where the technology is headed, the coolest applications, and the long-term outlook.
  • Business and legal professionals address the business issues behind the technology including intellectual property, reverse engineering and certification.
  • Technical specialists demonstrate how materials, machines and software work together to create parts and products.

How will additive manufacturing change product design? Manufacturing processes? Traditional rules and contraints? Attend RAPID and discover how this technology will shape manufacturing’s future.

3D Imaging completes the picture of how a part is built. From phone cameras to desktop CAT scanners – this technology is advancing quickly. Capturing data through scanning and converting it to 3D computer models facilitates reverse engineering and solves complex manufacturing problems. Connecting 3D imaging to RAPID shows the total process.

Why Pittsburgh?

RAPID 2013 is being held in Pittsburgh to support the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute (NAMII) and enable its participation in the event. NAMII will deliver Wednesday’s keynote and exhibit on the show floor. You’ll see first-hand what’s next for additive manufacturing and what is resulting from investments in advanced manufacturing technology. Research, education, training and innovation – the NAMII will be an integral feature of RAPID 2013.


Plan to attend at least one of three tours at RAPID. The first takes place on Wednesday, June 12 and you can select one of two tours on Thursday, June 13. You’ll explore fully operational additive manufacturing facilities that will demonstrate real-life applications of the technologies you learned about at the conference and on the show floor.